DNW Aero

HST upgrade successfully completed

29 Jan 2024

New 4-stage fan, new data-acquisition system, improved Mach control and many new faces.

After just over a year of hard work on repairs, upgrades, renewal of systems and expanding our crew, we are thrilled to announce that our HST is fully operational again. The first commercial test after the successful re-commissioning is running and we are ready for a busy year of testing.

The achievements in brief:

  • An additional 4th fan stage increases the attainable AoA range at supersonic speeds
  • The improved Mach controller keeps the Mach number within +/- 0.003 for subsonic speeds at a AoA speed of 0.8 deg/sec and supersonic speeds at 0.5 deg/sec.
  • Full implementation of GAIUS data-acquisition software as standardly applied at LLF, LST, ECF enabling advanced automation like scripting