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Police and Police Academy partners in smart mobility centre in Marknesse

24 Aug 2021

Police and Police Academy partners in smart mobility centre in Marknesse

On 19 August 2021, the police and the Police Academy signed a declaration of intent to become partners in the Smart Mobility and Infrastructure knowledge and Test Centre in Marknesse. With this, the Police have indicated to investigate whether the Centre for Enforcement and Mobility can be moved from Lelystad to the MITC Marknesse and, together with NLR, DNW and RDW, build the innovative knowledge and test centre in the field of smart mobility and infrastructure.

Collaboration partners

The close cooperation with RDW, Royal NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre and the German-Dutch Wind Tunnel Foundation (DNW) creates a unique opportunity to make optimal use of each other's presence, facilities and knowledge. Together, the parties will realise a mobility center for testing and certifying smart multimodal mobility solutions, conducting applied research and sharing knowledge.

Participation of the police

The police are looking for a new location for the Enforcement Centre and, for the time being, are training in Lelystad next to the RDW site.  "For the Police Academy, good cooperation in the field of education and training around mobility is important. We are already doing this at various locations in the Netherlands. We consider it a great advantage that this will also be possible in the vicinity of the current location in Lelystad," said Gerrit den Uyl, Director of the Police Academy.


Offering their specific services and knowledge in the field of mobility and infrastructure at one location makes the test facilities progressive and innovative. "The MITC offers a wide range of services, from testing and experimenting with smart mobility to its use in daily practice. A wide range that nowhere else in the Netherlands or even in Europe comes together so nicely as in Marknesse," says Jan de Reus, member of the Flevoland provincial executive.

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