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Engine Calibration Facility

The Engine Calibration Facility (ECF) in Marknesse is an industrial calibration facility of wind tunnel engine simulators for the low-speed and high speed domain.

Type of Facility 

Engine model support frame connected to a vacuum system.

Main Features

Model support

  • External six-component balance (max thrust force: 3000N).
  • Internal diameter of the engine model support frame: 500 mm.

Auxiliary systems

Compressed air supply:
  • Capacity of 6 kg/s continuously at 80 bar.
  • Temperature range: 293 K - 343 K
  • Drive air control with incremental steps of 0.0005 kg/s
Vacuum system:
  • Standard maximum engine total mass flow: 14.7 kg/s. Special provisions are available for increasing the maximal mass flow.
  • Maximum Mach number: 0.93 

Typical tests

The calibration of engine simulators (e.g. thrust) under simulated wind tunnel conditions without external flow. For example:

  • Turbofan Propulsion Simulators (TPS)
  • Blown nozzles
  • Through flow nacelles



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8316 PR Marknesse
The Netherlands

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