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Large Low-Speed Facility

The large low-speed facility (LLF) in Marknesse is an industrial wind tunnel for the low-speed domain.

Type of wind tunnel

Closed circuit, atmospheric, continuous low-speed wind tunnel with one closed wall and one configurable (slotted) wall test section and an open jet. Click on the picture for an interactive view. LLF screen shot

Main Features

Closed wall test sections

Fixed section
  • 9.5 m x 9.5 m: 0 < V < 62 m/s
Configurable section with the following two configurations
  • 8 m x 6 m: 0 < V < 116 m/s
  • 6 m x 6 m: 0 < V < 152 m/s

Open jet

  •  8 m x 6 m: 0 < V < 68 m/s (Mach=0.2)

Model support

  • Remotely controlled sting support system with four degrees of freedom for models with internal balance
  • External six-component balance
  • Floor-based model support system for open jet testing with three degrees of freedom

Auxiliary systems

  • Compressed air supply with a capacity of 5 kg/s continuously at 80 bar
  • Vacuum system
  • Moving belt ground plane for ground simulation
  • Microphone traversing system
  • Microphone wall arrays

Typical tests

  • Configuration studies, database creation (civil and military transport aircraft, fighters, helicopters, spacecraft, cars and trucks)
  • Engine integration studies with air-powered simulators
  • Turbofan-powered aircraft by means of TPS
  • Propeller-driven aircraft
  • Air exhaust simulation with compressed air
  • Air intake surveys for fighters and helicopters
  • Aeroacoustic and performance testing on rotorcraft models
  • Aeroacoustic testing on full-scale aircraft components (landing gears, wings)
  • Aeroacoustic investigations on scaled turbofans
  • Full-scale cars and trucks (drag and aeroacoustics)



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