DNW Aero

Hochdruckwindkanal Göttingen

The high-pressure wind tunnel (HDG) in Göttingen is a research and development facility for aerodynamic experiments.

Type of wind tunnel

Closed circuit, pressurized continuous low-speed wind tunnel with closed-wall test sections.

Main features

Test Sections

  • Various test sections of 0.6 m x 0.6 mx 1 m (S = 0.36 m²) for special applications

Operating Range

  • 3.5 m/s < V < 35 m/s
  • 100 kPa < P < 10,000 kPa
  • Re0.1√(S) < 12 x 106
  • Ambient temperature

Model support

  • Remotely controlled sword for rear sting support
  • 2D supports with integrated static and dynamic balances
  • Half-model support with integrated under-floor balances

Auxiliary systems

  • Permanently installed extension section in front of the test section for boundary layer and turbulence tailoring
  • Lock system for the entire test section.

Typical test

  • Fundamental research of fluid dynamic phenomena and effects influenced by Reynolds number (spheres, cylinders, blunted or slender bodies, etc.)
  • Steady and unsteady loads on civil engineering and industrial structures (bridge segments, antennas, etc.)
  • Design studies and data set measurements of surface vehicles (trains, cars and trucks) at original Reynolds number
  • Multi-element trains with and without embankment, high sideslip angles.
  • 2D airfoil tests (rotor blades)



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