DNW Aero

Kryo-Kanal Köln

The cryogenic wind tunnel (KKK) in Köln is a cryogenic facility for research, development and data set measurements

Type of wind tunnel

Closed circuit, continuous, low-speed wind tunnel with a closed wall test section. Operation either at ambient temperature or cooled down by injection of liquid nitrogen.

Main features

Operating range

  • 0 < Ma < 0.38
  • Re0.1√(S) < 9.5 x 106
  • 100 K < T < 300 K                        

Model support

  • Sword with integrated roll support
  • Half-model and surface vehicle support with under-floor balance
  • Half-model support with tangential blowing at synchronized turntables

Auxiliary system

  • Integrated optical traversing system                                             

Typical tests

  • 2D airfoil tests with high-lift and flow control devices (flaps, slats, vortex generators, trailing edge devices)
  • Wind rotor blades
  • Half-model tests of transport aircraft in high-lift configurations
  • Surface vehicles (trains, trucks)
  • Probe calibration, function and reliability tests