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Kryo-Rohrwindkanal Göttingen

The cryogenic Rohr wind tunnel (KRG) in Göttingen is a research and development facility for aerodynamic experiments.

Intermittent, blow-down wind tunnel of the Ludwieg tube concept, pressurized by vaporized liquid nitrogen

Main Features

Test section

  • 0.4 m x 0.35 m test section with adaptive upper and lower walls
  • Mach control by adjustable sonic throat valve

Operating range

  • 0.3 < Ma < 0.95
  • 300 < P < 1,000 kPa
  • Re0.1√(S) < 15 x 106
  • 100 K < T < 280 K
  • Run time < 1 s

Model support

  • Remotely controlled 2D support
  • Remotely controlled y-z traversing system used as model support

Auxiliary systems

  • Remotely controlled y-z traversing system for probe positioning (pressure rake)

Typical tests

  • Tests with flow control devices (vortex generators, suction, blowing, trailing edge devices) on 2D airfoils, helicopter blades, flat plates
  • Fundamental research of fluid dynamic phenomena and effects influenced by Reynolds number (spheres, cylinders, blunted or slender bodies, etc.)
  • Model deformation measurements
  • Air data system and probe calibration



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