DNW Aero

Our Organization


 Board of DNW

The Board of the Foundation is formed from members appointed by NLR and DLR, including the representatives of the German and Dutch governments, acting as observers.
The Board consists of:

Dr.-Ing. O. Brodersen, DLR
Mr. L.W. Esselman, R.A., NLR
Mr. M. Fischer, DLR, Vice Chairman
Mr. H. Hemmer, German Ministry of Defence
Mr. M.A.G. Peters, NLR, Chairman
Ms. S. Reif, DLR on behalf of German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Mrs. C. Andela, Dutch Ministry of Defence
Mr. N. Lobé, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Mr. S. Portius, German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Secretary: Mr. O. Fries, DNW 

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, representing the aerospace industry and research establishments, advises the Board of DNW about the industry's long-term needs. The Advisory Committee consists of

Airbus Commercial Represented by Mr. P. White
Airbus Defence and Space Represented by Mr. G. Heller and Mr. M. Meyer
Dassault Aviation Represented by Mr. M. Stojanowski
DLR Aerodynamics and Flow Technology  Represented by Mr. O. Brodersen
DLR Flight Systems Represented by Mr. S. Levedag
NLR Aerospace Vehicles Represented by Mr. C. Beers
Safran Aircraft Engines Represented by Mr. Y. Desvallées
Rolls Royce Represented by Mr. J. Bolger


DNW is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of:

Ir. J. Hakkaart and Dr.-Ing. A. Bergmann